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Special Education

Developmental Disabilities Area Board 10 is proud to present the “IEP Strategy Guide – Understanding the Process So You Can Get What You Need in English and Spanish, free downloadable guides. If you have a child with an individual education program (IEP), this guide is for you. Rather than being an exhaustive list of IEP requirements or your rights, this is a guide on strategy. It describes the IEP process and will assist you in advocating more effectively for your child.

The Plan for the IEP (.DOC, .PDF)may help you prepare for your IEP meeting. Putting your thoughts on paper will organize your presentation and ensure easy access to the information you need to present to the IEP team, establishing the foundation for your requests. These documents also complement the “IEP Strategy Guide – Understanding the Process So You Can Get What You Need”.

In response to great community interest, Area Board 10 has developed a booklet entitled, “Enough is Enough! Anti-Bullying Strategies for Students with Developmental Disabilities, Their Families, and Their Schools.” It is a compilation of best practices, gleaned from current disability-focused research. Click here to view the booklet. While it is unreasonable to think that bullying can be eliminated entirely, it outlines clear roles for students, for parents, and for schools, and contains many suggestions that might alleviate some of the torment that bullying can cause. If you are interested in having an Area Board 10 staff do a presentation for your self-advocacy group or parent group about bullying, please contact our office at 818-543-4631.